The ABC of Inner Freedom workshop

manage and eliminate unwanted fears, negative emotions and feelings

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Have you ever wondered how life would be without your negative emotions, internal conflict and self doubt?

Have you been practicing many different techniques that might have not given you the freedom that you are still longing for?

At this workshop you will be taken on a journey in the structure of mind and explore the dynamics of thoughts, emotions and feelings, how to free yourself from fears, resentment, limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors.

You will also learn how to communicate more effectively, how to become empowered and use your energy and time effectively.

You will be experiencing the transformative power of awareness.

Bring with you your frustrations, limiting beliefs, regrets, disempowering behaviors and walk away from the workshop free from all that you are carrying on in your emotional baggage.

With the understanding of the ABC of inner freedom you have the ability to awaken to the moment in an instant.

Wake up from unconscious doing into conscious being.

The ABC of inner freedom workshop, is based on the studies of nlp, neurosemantics, neuroscience, positive psychology and based on personal experience resulting in over 20 years of self observation and exploration.

This gathering is not about learning another script or technique to repeat but a collective inquiry to logically observe what is going on in our mind and body so to transcend our ego conditioning and conflict.

360 Degrees reality show

A personal development workshop


360 Reality Show is a workshop about personal development and an exploration of reality based on my studies of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Neurosemantics, and influenced by my interest in Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Positive Psychology and Spirituality.
With this workshop you will learn how theses practices are related with the potential to open up a new way of thinking resulting in a new way of being.

From this workshop you might gain:

• A new path towards unconditional self esteem
• Increased confidence
• Improved communication skills
• Experience a clearer mind
• Develop more qualitative self talk
• Create new habits
• Start working on your passions
• Become more mindful
• Get tuned with your intuition

You will learn how to be more creative and how to live a meaningful life with purpose.

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The event is an informational seminar, it is FREE and has no obligation.