Doing what you want to do starts with doing it first. Secondly is using what you got. 

If you don't have a personal life coach or someone to be accountable to, lack of motivation and procrastination delay the action. There is always tomorrow to start or maybe next week, month or year resolutions.

Lack of motivation can happen with the belief of needing more money, more time or other.

What might be missing instead is purpose. Purpose is the Why that drives the performance and a compelling vision accompanied by the feeling of how it will be when you do what you want.

And so if you think you need more time, money or resources, how can you start? 

Below are 5 tips to get you in motion: 

1: Organise your free time and schedule in your calendar:

Organize your free time and choose self manageable slots where you make an appointment with yourself to do what you want. 

Remember it is a very important person you are meeting with, which is the greatest version of yourself.

When is it that your investment of time will be maximised? During travel to work, at night, early morning or in the lunch break?

How many appointments with yourself do you choose to have a week so that you can get the momentum? How long does your session need to be to have a maximum impact on your investment?

2: Energise yourself before you start:

Before you go to your appointment, do something that energises you and sets you into the state of productivity. 

It can be deep breathing, fast breathing, stretching, push ups, meditation, a run, or maybe listening to a particular song or watch a motivation video. Whatever it is that charges you, do it!

3: Find the resources that are shared by people that are doing what you want to do:

if you think you need more resources, have you searched for all that you can get available before moving onto something that you need to pay for? Have you used technology to its full potential? 

Remember that the main resource that you need is your empowered self. 

4: Move away from all distractions

During your appointments, disconnect all distractions. The time that you dedicate investing in you, is your time only. As little as you can dedicate to it, just do that. 

Set an alarm if you want to take a break or to signal the end of the session and just go for it. 

5: Celebrate each step that you are taking: 

Each step counts, and there are times that we walk slow and times that we run, so celebrate each time as a small achievement and see what else you can do next time.

If this all sounds easy; do it! 

One Love