It’s a late autumn crisp morning.

A cool wind clear the air making nature vivid, enhancing its colors and tonalities.

As I am standing on the cliff, the view is stunning.

The sky it’s clear and the ocean has little white waves that highlight the contrast of the blue of many shades.

In the distance a pods of birds it’s sitting on the surf to what it seems waiting for their food to come to the surfaces.

Few fishermen are on the distance shore, there must be plenty of schools of fishes this time of the year.

The many tones of greens of the bushes that separate me from the water seem dancing with the wind.

Everything is perfect how it is

I take a deeper breath, the cool air permeate in my lungs energizing me.

I look around and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.

It is a beautiful day, magnificent I can say.

All this beauty is for me to experience.

It comes to mind how my inner state allows me to enjoy this for how it is.

A sense of presence connects me to the whole. I wonder how the few people that in this moment are around me perceive it.

There is an old lady taking a video of the panorama with her phone. A bus of tourist arrived and people pose in front of the distant skyline for their virtual postcards.

Everyone comes with their own story in today's experience.

I am thankful for this state of bliss.

Sometime later, I greet a lady while parking the car and as we greet each other I state to her: “what a beautiful day, hey”.

She answer to me: “not for long! wait until the southeast gale comes! Then..”

As I keep walking I ask myself: “then what, why should I wait until the Southeast gale comes? To ruin my day?”

Then I keep wondering: “how can the southern gale ruin my day anyway?

Things are how they are in the moment, it is each one of us that makes it unique and label it good or bad.

It is what is going on within us that makes the day.

How are you today? Or how is your day? Your creation?

If your day today is ok, below are couple of suggestions that can help you improve your day:

• When you wake up take time to be thankful for what you have. if nothing come to mind think about:

1. You are alive

2. You are healthy

3. Most likely you woke up in a safe room in a nice warm bed no matter the gale outside.

4. You might be surrounded by family or significant other.

5. Most likely you can choose what to eat and how much.

Remember how many people in the world and in your country don’t have all the above and some non of the above.

• Set some intentions of the day.

1. Affirm positive statements

2. Visualize your affirmations

3. Feel them in your body on how it feel to be experiencing them.

• Activate your body and mind with some exercise or a cold shower, followed by few minute of stillness.

Remember, you make your day.

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Thank you for reading!

Simone Franchi, personal transformation and life coach.

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