We have thousands of thoughts a day of which many of them are from the day before, some they have been present in our mind for years.

Does the sentence below resonate with you?

In today's society we have no time to use in what is important, as we are too busy being busy.

To be able to be productive we have to be proactive, in other words we have to take action to being able to produce something.

Coming back to the concept of time, i hear people saying (sometime me i am one of them) that during the day or when i am involved in an activity like work, i think and get motivated about doing what i really want to do when i get home or when i am free. When the time comes, motivation as dropped and thoughts like: ' now i am too tired or i don't have enough energy" come in to play.

There is often something stopping me from what is important to me, which is merely an excuse.

It also come to mind many plans, many ideas, things to develop, to learn and even to stop doing.

So how can i escape this circle and be proactive?

One solution is to be clear on what is the most important, the most meaningful thing that is worth my time.

In the cloud of many things, the one that comes to mind. This would be the most meaningful and productive activity to do. It doesn't require much thinking, it has energy in it. I can only do one thing at the time and the one that takes the most space in my head is the one to feed and nourish. In saying so a thought of distraction can be the most relevant in the mind but if I ask myself these questions.

• WHY is important for me to do this?

• What ROI will i get from doing this? Not essentially monetary return, but energetic.

• How is this choice going to impact my state of being and my future.

• What will i get back?

• Is this choice going to get me closer to what i want?

First of all identify what is that you want. In my coaching practice i find many people focusing on what they don't want.

What do you want?

Discover what is important to you and the limiting beliefs that prevent you from experience it.

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