How can you be true to yourself and still be liked by others?

There is a fine balance between being your own unique self in total freedom of your choices and being the version of yourself liked by people that are close to you, that have their idea of you developed throughout years of conditional relationship and expectation.

In relation to people to which we spent most of our time with growing up, as family, friends, school and sport mates and other people that know you by who they believe you are. Sometime people even know you by what others' idea of you, that they gave them about you.

And so this is the example of how we generalize, distort and delete reality in our map of the world as explained in the communication model of nlp and how practices like developmental personal life coaching will help you gain the freedom from other people expectations and live a true authentic life.

We form our personality in early years of our life around our social construct of our family, school, friends, religion and national culture. We create a ego around the age of 3 and the superego at around 5 years old. The ego is the I-dentification and operates interacting with the world in the aim of getting love and personal status in the world. The superego it has a moral function like a parent or authoritative person. The superego job is to motivate you as well as shame you and guilt you. It is that voice that parent you, most of the time unsefulness for growth.

This going on inside, is your inner world from where your being in the world start from. This is mostly unconsciously and sit behind our spectrum of awareness. With personal development life coaching will help you bring this shadow of your personality to light and model a new way of being free from past conditioning.

The expectation of you, being what others want you to be in the relationship, in the way that it satisfied them in your relationship with them and it might start to collapse when you are on a developmental personal journey as the layers that your social and cultural environment start to peel off revealing your true self don't meet the expectation of others, resulting in something like:

"You have changed!"  ... well .. "YES I have"



1. UNCONDITIONAL SELF ESTEEM: you won't need other approvals to love yourself and be in the world as you are, without the need of being accepted.

2. GAIN MORE TRUST AND RESPECT: By being authentic you are able to express you trust and gain respect and you live by your values and not others.

3. DO WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: You will do things for yourself first because by doing for yourself first becomes altruistic as you will give goodness to the world.

4. GAIN MORE CONFIDENCE: by doing things that you like, you understand that takes time and you get better and you won't beat yourself up but instead you will enjoy the process.

5. FREE YOURSELF FROM TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS: When you are your authentic self, people that try to control you, won't be able to do it anymore and they will start disappearing from your life.

6. CREATE REAL RELATIONSHIPS: you are able to create new relationships with people that are authentic as well, elevating and expanding consciousness.

A couple questions for you today about your daily living and interaction with others:



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