Break the breath, is the closes translation i can find for the Italian saying of "rompi il fiato"

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When you are training, like running or any other physical activity, you will come to a point when your breath will come shorter and your mind will start persuading you to stop, to give up, coming up with all excuses to don't make you pass that stage of your performance.

I find this analogy in any activity that a person put him/herself into it. To pass the first stage of excitement or initial energy and to overcome the funnel and literally break through the discomfort.

In running for example, when that stage is passed, the body energize itself again and the breath start to become deeper and even if still challenging, the mind set to another frame.

This happens in any activity that we do. Someone says it takes 21 days or whatever time to create an habit; true or not we surely have to break thru our mental and physical barrier every time we engage in the activity.

This happens in our emotional intelligence too. Our thinking controlled by our feelings, created by our emotions. To being able to break free from suffering and conditioning we need to be strong and pass through some discomfort to being able to free ourselves and proceed for longer, till the next obstacle or challenge present itself in front of us. When that happens we are expanding even further.

Good intentions are not enough. We need to have determination.


1) When you believe in yourself

2) When you made your mind up

3) When you are ready to challenge yourself

Welcome that stage of discomfort, welcome the stiffness, breathless, push thruough, breakthrough..


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