We are constantly drifting out of the present moment by thinking about the future or reconstructing our past. While we do this, we are consciously missing out of what happens around us. Our subconscious mind still take in the information and get us to operate in a sort of autopilot. Studies have shown that we operate unconsciously about 95% of the time.

We tent to lose attention from 6 to 10 times per minute and we think about 60K to 70K thoughts a day, of which circa 60% of them are the ones from the day before.

In our mind we can convey a main topic of thinking at the time and then we have multiple thoughts constructed around it . The main topic is either positive or negative, oriented towards the past or the future.

I am confident that most of the self talk and thinking is negative fro the majority of people. If it is not for you that are reading please share in the comment how you do it.


We fear things projected to the future and resent things from the past.  What we fear is the idea of something that create that feeling and what we resent from the past is the distorted memory or other events. How can this be possible to remember and believe to be true, something that happened years ago, if right now in the next minute you are going to loose attention about 10 times? what happens to that space that you are away?

I see drifting away from the present like if you are going in free diving apnea in the present moment. the time that you are able to hold your breath till you can hold it anymore and keep breathing gain. It can last few second or few minutes, but eventually you come back. As a metaphor thing is that we keep on holding our breath away constantly.


It is a natural mechanism of our mind to do what we do as the job of the mind itself is to "mind" you and to survive.  But if we could reverse our thinking and start to be conscious of how long we are in the present , we could develop this skill of being present and you know, this is something that we physically do in very moment of our life. If we can align our mind with our senses we can become more mindful and starting to experience longer time of space in the present moment.

We can also use our mental projection to heal the past by changing the idea that we have form past events that are hurting us, forgiving ourselves first, and start designing a brighter future, by imagine things that we want to happen tin our life, instead of what we don't want.. Starting to get a feeling for what we want on how it will be.

The NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) model of communication expose how the construct t of our reality is responsible for our experience and how we can reprogram our thinking by working on our self talk and the lenses by which we look at the world.

In a personal development and life coaching sessions you are able to experience clarity and find new understandings. The objectivity of a personal life coach will help you find that clarity and notice hidden parts of yourself that with your awareness will start to fade away.

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