To being able to grow, you have to make a switch.

Looking at nature, i see the hermit crab going to a similar process to being able to grow. The hermit has to leave his shell to enter a new one where it will be able to grow. During the process has to pass a time where it is vulnerable to the environment and other animals.

When is shell is getting to small it has not other choice but..

As up to know you are leaving in a mind space within your body, that it is filled with the inputs of the external environment.

As human beings we long for belonging (the word says that too) and in the formation of our personality, when we switched from unconscious to conscious in the early stage of our life, our ego developed based on the experience of being loved and accepted by the surrounding people and environment.

At the time we created patterns in our mind that will help us navigate in the world in the best way that we understand of being accepted and have our own identity.

You might find yourself at a place now that your way of being "is in the way" to your happiness and a better life, or maybe you are just truly happy within yourself.

If you are feeling that is time to change, this is when, like the hermit crab you have to change your shell.

To do so you need to pass a stage of vulnerability in the transition, you need to be ready to expose yourself, to bring out your true essence of your current shell, understanding that this passage will allow you to grow as a human being and develop in this stage of life.

How are you able to take this passage?

To being able to be expose to yourself, personal development coaching will help you start the process.

As a personal development and life coach i will be able to facilitate you in accessing the internal resources that will help you to meet your new self.

Personal development and life coaching will open up possibilities to a new way of thinking and being.

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