If you are reading this article you might be at a point where you want more in your life.

You might want more money, better relationships, a different job, healthier body, clearer mind, or maybe a sense of direction and purpose, or simply develop your passion.

Maybe you might feel that you have achieved all of the above, that your life is in balance but that there is still something missing.

And so, right now, what is it that is missing?

All of the above are external factors, that give you conditioned peace and happiness, it is enough for a little shift to jeopardize this condition.

True strength comes from within and it is impermeable in the realm of ever changing, external and material world.  Within all of us there is something that is ever still, resourceful, powerful and eternal. Being at one with your essence will fulfill your life, allowing you to do what is meaningful for you and let you share your uniqueness with the world.

Life coaching can help you achieve that inner peace and strength. A skilled developmental personal life coach will be able to get to the heart of things that matter to you , piercing thru the barriers of the conditioning of your personality and social construct that create the illusion of not being or having enough.


Life coaching has been used and abused in the past. It can seem quite a generalized practice and it is still unregulated in a field where people can just pretend or self title themselves life or personal coaches. But there are also a lot of professional coaches that are engaged and committed to their personal development and therefore yours.

A committed personal life coach will help you see blind spots of your being that are called shadows and by bringing them to your awareness they will most likely start to disappear from your behavior and your mind. Shadows of personality are not visible from first person perspective but they show up in language and behavior, so a skilled coach will be able to notice them and present them back to you.

Life Coaching is a practice that works for psychologically healthy people that want to achieve certain goals, create change in their life and move from a sense of stuckness to a state of freedom.

Life coaching is different than counseling, mentoring or consulting. A skilled and developed personal life coach doesn't give any answers or solutions to the coaching client but stimulates a different way of thinking, allowing the client to experience a situation from multiple perspectives giving the coachee an inner space that goes beyond this/her awareness.

A Life coaching relationship between the coach and the client is real, compassionate and challenging. A life coaching session is not a "cheat-chat" conversation and doesn't resides on the shallow, instead goes deeper very fast and can be emotional and challenging.

The client has to be ready for developmental coaching. Life coaching is not a quick fix and it doesn't function as a motivation cure for the client. What it does it brings to light aspects of the client personality and the structure of the meaning making that affect performance, motivation and relationships.

Life coaching is:

  • A process of self growth
  • A Personal development practice
  • Improvement of aspects of your life
  • Change of thinking and behavior
  • Meeting with the hidden parts of yourself

Life coaching is a process and requires time, that is why at 360 degrees life coaching we recommend a cycle of 6 sessions of an hour each fortnightly, so that the you have time to assimilate new learning and incorporate them into your daily life.

The life coach has the role of a companion in the journey of the client's personal development and operates objectively without judgment and with compassion for the coachee.

Life coaching means that you can do more of what you believe you can, that you are more than what you believe you are and what you want to achieve is not as far or difficult as it seems.


Life coaching helps you transform your life because it allows you to think differently from how you have been thinking so far.

Life coaching helps you transform your life but it doesn't do it for you; you will transform your life. As your life coach I will facilitate the space for you to find your own answers and solutions. My job is to listen beyond words for the meaning and the structure of what is been said and ask questions that trigger your own solutions.

Life coaching will help transform your life by:

  • Creating unconditional self esteem
  • Increasing self confidence and motivation
  • Experiencing situations from multiple perspectives
  • Grow out of your structured personality and establish a positive state of being
  • Developing new ways of thinking and expanding your consciousness
We cannot solve problem in the same thinking we used when we created them
— Albert Einstein


Coaching is one of the fastest growing industry and in the present moment we hear it around quite often. There are many kinds of coaching, the traditional one is sport coaching. Today a coach is considered the person that fast tracks your activity, and so we have business coaching, executive coaching, voice coaching, health coaching, personal or life coaching, transpersonal coaching, career coaching, skills coaching, performance coaching, group coaching, relationship coaching, behavioral coaching, communication skill coaching, team coaching and spiritual coaching (which is not a guru :)

A coach is NOT a more skilled person that what the client is in a particular activity of the above, but is a professional that is able to move the client from where he/she is to where he/she wants to be, stimulating action with questioning.

At 360 degrees life coaching we are passionate about human development and we practice personal development coaching, that helps you expand awareness of your thinking, feelings, emotional states, developing unconditional self esteem and confidence that will allow you to live a fulfilling life with purpose and meaning, resulting in better relationships, freedom and achievement.

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