1: Grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate

2: Become more economically and socially advanced                                              

3: Convert to a new purpose by constructing buildings or making other use of its resources   

4: Start to exist, experience, or possess

To develop yourself is a critical aspect to live a more fulfilling life; Personal development includes Mind, Relationships, Body, Career and Spiritual connection.

Our life is made of different aspect and each aspect require development and maintenance as well as fine tuning.

In our busy society i hear saying: OH! If i had more time, Oh! if i had more money..

The most precious resources in our hands are the same for everybody: 24 hours days and Choice. What makes the difference is how time is used and our ability to say yes or no to things that are developmental or detrimental to our present leading to our future. To choose the most effective way of using the time that we have available and the how we spend the money that we earned with precious heart beats.

So i have some questions for you:

1: How are you using your free time today that will allow you to have more available time tomorrow to do what you want in your life?

2: How are you spending your money so that you can save or invest them instead of wasting them?

3: What are you choosing to eat for your next meal or snack and what are you drinking to quench your thirsts?

4: What is the dominating thought in your head?

To develop yourself, take a closer look at your behaviors and habits and how you are using your resources of time and choices. What are they caused by and what are they leading to?

Once you have a more objective idea you will also develop a clearer and impartial view of your current use of time and use of choice. You now can improve the aspects of your life that feel about tight.                                    

But How do you change them?

Everything will change when you change yourself, your thinking, your language, your body.

Once you change yourself you will bale to change your relationships. Your relationship with time, your relationship with money, your relationship with other people and most important your relationship with yourself.

Improve yourself and as you develop your new relationship with yourself , your life will improve as well.

This is called personal development, do it yourself, find mentors, get a personal coach.

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