Communication is what connects every living being.

Communication can be verbal or non verbal, we can communicate with our body posture, with a certain eye sight, with our hands, before we speak a single word.  Our feelings communicate with the world, if we are happy, sad, fearful, determined, serious or naive, it is communicated in a way and another.
For the Dictionary is: "The imparting or exchanging of information, by speaking, writing or using some other medium"
It is also: "The successful convening or sharing of ideas and feelings"
To being able to develop a successful sharing of ideas and feelings,
by being able to express yourself freely without the limitations. Social conditioning comes from the interaction with other people and expectations that we have for and from others.

Communication begins inside with the "I" as identification of who we are.
Each person experience the world in an unique way and so, sees, ears and feels the world in a way that no one else can.
Communication is a 2 way activity and it is about how the message is delivered and how it is received.
In our field of awareness things get distorted, deleted and generalized and human beings lose their span of attention 6 to 10 times per minute. If a conversation goes along for 20 minutes and maybe it is just one person talking and another listening, imagine how many parts of the story will be deleted, distorted and generalized.
To create an effective communication the person that deliver the message is important, for as much as the person the receives it..
Imagine to talk to a person that looked bored or keep checking the phone, or yawn; how would you feel about what you are communicating?
The first step for an effective communication is "rapport". When 2 people or in rapport, the conveying of ideas will flow easier.

When the people are able to express their feeling, point of views and the receiver is open to embrace it, then you will have a genuine interaction.
With the use of electronic devices the interaction within humans become more distant and we are less prone to talk to people by engaging in a communication.
The more we develop ourselves the better we will communicate.

The first communication starts within ourselves and the way that we talk to ourselves effects how we show up in the world. You might have experienced various voices in your head, and I have some questions for you about whats going on in your mind:

  • Who is talking?
  • how many voices do you experience inside yourself?
  • Who are you listening to?
  • Is it just one or many of them?
  • How does that serve you on how you go about in the world?

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