Who am I?

In search of the true essence of living a true essence of myself i have been coming across this question often.

First i got to release that myself is not mine, what i take myself to be that it has been given and it will left here.. My body, my name, my gender, my citizenship and my possessions.

The words that i identify myself with are "I AM". Observing my mind i find this expression often in my thinking. I AM this and that, I AM sick of this, I AM glad about that.

Identifying with the I is the closest connection to the Ego, the architect of our personality ( personal reality). If you take the I out of the equation, what is it left?

Think about for a second, or actually don't think about it! when you have the chance, sit down in a comfortable position, in a space where you can relax, close your eyes and abserve.

What is going on in the inside world of yours? Images, voices, feelings. How fast does your mind jump from one thought to another, and how much do you ad to it?

You see, thoughts are like clouds, they come in and out and it is us that we hold them in our realm, otherwise they are just fugitive energies. I call them energies because how do they affect our life, even for just a second. An emotion comes up (energy in motion) and then a feeling, followed perhaps by an action or a word.

I am not my thoughts and you are not yours, so who am I? who are you?

I embrace all religions but i don't identify in any in particular but come to awareness how in the bible when Moses asked God: what's your name? he answered:

"I AM THAT I AM"  Analyze this statement; change That with what you get yourself to be.

From other ancient books, the Upanishads in the Vedas, the I is the ego, it is the construct that makes you believe that you are yourself; off course you are in your body, you have a name, a title and gender, but for how long? a handful of days compare to infinite time.


And so the offer for you today is to be aware of what you link to your I Am. Every time you state I AM, you are also sending message to your subconscious mind to create a program about it so that your reality starts giving you the events for you to experience it and fulfill your request.

Remember that of the vast information that there is in any second of our existence, the majority of it is deleted, distorted and generalize (meta model) as in the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) model of communication

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