Yes i know that life is happening here and now. It is ever going with the same presence for 40 something rounds of the earth around the sun since i have been laying, crawling, standing walking, jumping and dancing on it. This state of presence is ageless, it is here since i am born and will stay till i die. This that connects the whole creation, is timeless, it has always been here and maybe will ever be. I am just like a drop in this ocean and so the ocean itself. I am just a thick of the universal clock, I am the bird passing by, i am the earth and the sky.

It is quite amazing to think the greatness of which i am made of, to experience the beauty of the world and beyond, witnessing what is me in many other forms and all the knowledge that is necessary is to be connected to it and that it actually happens naturally.


We are the most sophisticated beings in the universe that we are aware of and yet, the real sense of being, the very simple essence of us, it is still disconnected even if very close and present and actually connected at all time.

We spend most of our time away from our beingness while still being, we project our life energy towards an illusive reality of past and future missing out on what is happening now. We are so amazingly designed by the higher intelligence and we don't use our potential.

Our mind should enable awareness through consciousness but to being able to realize our true nature we have to transcend it. Most of the stuff that is going on in our mind is illusion as it is just a projection of our previous experience and re elaborated information to which we gave meaning to,  bringing it in our spectrum of awareness. This spectrum of awareness seems to be part of our sensory perception that create our experience. This awareness is also an illusion. Whatever is part of our sensory experience it is an interpretation of reality. Whatever is going on in our contact with the external world (i divide object and object for better understanding of illusion), it has to be transmitted at light speed to the brain to make sense of it and in that time, the present moment fall in its illusion too, as the word present seems made by Pre Sent, which is what biologically happens aboutsending information of what is perceived to the brain, and for as fast as it can be, by the time sense is made time has passed.

Studies i neurosciences, tested that we live 80 milliseconds delayed and what we make of being in the present it is actually already the past.

Check out the link below for more information about it:

So what can we do to live a reality that is not illusion?

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