During my development personal coaching courses, one of the NLP trainers, was explaining about filters of personality that in NLP are called meta programs and how they play a very important role in our behavior, choices and how we show up in the world and shape the way we think!

Learning about meta programs true self study or with a personal life coaching will help you fasten your personal development. The more you learn about them, the more you are able to identify them in others and some of them in yourself resulting in having more choice and freedom and be aware of your response instead of reaction.

They are the main filters of the human model of communication and interpretation of reality. There are about 60 of them and they work as polarity in a way that a person tends to unconsciously favor one side of them over the other, but it is possible to swing between the poles of the meta programs and with personal coaching you will develop the ability to find the point of balance between the extremes, resulting in the ability to have more choice in decision making and learn new behaviors instead of establishing unuseful ones that may have been running in your personality structure for years.

One example of a meta program is : Optimistic/pessimistic, which is the way a person can think when looking to a future event or challenging situation. Is the person looking to all the things that will go well and the positive aspects of a future event or will the person look at the negative side and what could go wrong? Both of the polarities of the meta programs can be unuseful if the person stands on the very end of one side or another. Being able to see both ways can give you more choice and allow a more resourceful decision.

Another example of one meta program is when a person is directing the attention towards Self or Others about feelings and emotions. Is the person thinking about others first, or do thinks for himself first? how do you choose to behave? think about others feel about your choices of how do you feel yourself?

Meta programs are an important topic in growing to a more functional and free human being and if you want to learn more inquiry HERE or in the form below and we can explore more in depth in your free life coaching session.

In the main while, video below you will find a brief explanation of a meta program.

Being aware of the meta programs will help you improve your communication skills, your relationships and the way you show up in the world.

One key person in the development of the meta programs is L. Michael Hall Ph D which is the co founder of Neurosemantics and international trainer of the meta coaching system.

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