Have you noticed how time goes fast?

You might ask yourself from time to time:

Where is it all gone?

Years seem like days. Another week has passed, another month ended another one starterd

Why is that? As we look back and time seem flying by.

It is because most of the time we are unconscious to reality. We are like asleep, in a dream state of illusory living, most of the time living a separate reality inside our head.

When we wake up from unconscious living , life will be gone.

Like a dream.

Not all hope is lost, as you have an opportunity to transform this state.

Have the chance to awaken to the moment right now.

To connect the wholeness, transcending the small mind that struggles with its identity.

Wanting to be right, accepted, loved and recognized.

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  • Don’t let another day pass by, in a false recognition of who you are not.

  • Don't let another day pass without celebrating the magnificence of who you are.

  • Don’t let another day pass in suffering for false ideas that are not real.

  • Don’t let another day pass away, live it.

Be authentic, be yourself

Remember that You are the source of your experience.

Without you, nothing really happens.

Come back to your real home, within you.

Don’t fight a war that you will never win. It’s a conflict of you against you.

The world is a reflection. What do you see in the mirror of your existence?

What you see is your interpretation, your beliefs.

Come back to the moment now, the only one you got, the most precious one.

happiness from an object, will be only a flash of light, a match that burns a small fire.

Come back to what is, always been and ever will,

the Whole, the spark.

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Observe the movement of your emotions, feelings and the thoughts that ignite your states.

Let them be but don’t feed them with engagement

Observe and beyond your suffering, you will find the great power.

Wake up to a new way of Being.

We keep falling asleep to unconsciousness throughout the day but as we fall asleep we have another chance to awaken.

Many sunrise and new possibilities are ahead of you.

Right here, Right now.

Be free, Enjoy life.

Discover a simple method that will help you become free from unnecessary suffering.

A method that will help you live a happy life with what you already have.

To be appreciative, grateful and open to what your life has to offer when you show up for it.

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