As you might have heard; "Energy flows where attention goes".

What you are focusing on is what you are creating in your reality.

On a quantum theory level, reality does not exists unless you look at it. This makes sense as in the practice of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in our conscious experience of the world there are at least 2,000,000 bits of information which come from visual, auditory and kinestetic, as well as olfactory and gustatory form, but our brain is capable of to manage only 126 of them, making the perception of reality very limited.

We focus on these 126 bits of information consciously but mostly unconsciously as we have habituated patterns (habits) which is like a comfort zone. We got ourselves to be this way and we keep on running certain pattern that are not useful for us to increase our emotional intelligence, improve our relationship, be more confident and take steps our of our comfort zone.

We think that we focus on improving aspects of our life and these aspect they might not seem improving. One reason is (and invite you to think about it) that many people, like me in the past, when asked: What do you want?"  The reply is about what they don't want.

The focus then is on the things that the person doesn't want, giving more energy to the unwanted. So if you want something to change, you should focus on what you want.

At first it might be hard to to stay focused on what you want as the old pattern they keep bouncing back.

One good practice which is a fundamental of personal life coaching, is to write down WHAT you want, ask yourself WHY you want it and get the feeling of how it will be when you have achieved it.

Then visualize a close image or a scene when you are living it in first person, feeling how it is to be like that. Do this daily and work out what actions you can take to become what you want or have what you desire. This way you are sending messages to your subconscious mind which will start working on creating in your reality. Your new self. Condition your subconscious in a positive way and feed your thinking with feelings and emotions.

It might seem odd and easy, it worked for me on things that i have done consciously and unconsciously, for things or states that i wanted and i didn't want. So be careful what you focus on!

Has there ever been a time that you come across something new that you liked or someone told you about something that you never heard before and suddenly it started to appear in your reality?

That is the creating i am talking about, you are creating new bits of reality in your awareness and so deleting some other, as the 126 bit of information that we can take in remain the same, what changes is what you focus on, become a part of your reality. Something comes in, something else drop out.

So we have the ability to choose what we focus on and so the ability of designing the life that we want.

It requires awareness and focus but imagine how you can transform your relationships, starting with yourself.

Engaging with a life coach with a personal development program you will discover new ways of how to expand your awareness.

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