All that i know comes from the past, it is my luggage that i carry around in the world. All that i know is my remembering, my ideas of things, from my point of view, my perspective. This ideas are not really real. To have an idea, the light bulb of creativity that light up in our mind is connection to the moment, it is something that comes out of thinking, searching or planning. It is pure creation, but as it sparks, it switches off and then what remains is the memory.


Real is this moment that is ever lasting, unfolding into the unknown.

We cannot ever know what is going to happen next as next doesn't exist, everything is just here, now. All that is in our head are memories filtered by our perception of reality that when it comes from thinking is always based on the past.


The future is a projection of the past and so an illusion as well. As mentioned everything is ever unfolding in the moment and whatever is not here is an illusion. Even the present is an illusion as we perceive reality based on our internal "programming" (NLP model of communication and Maya, the illusion of self)

Motivation, fear, excitement and anything else that is projected to the future or the past is just an illusion. And while we do so we loose the most important thing of all, life unfolding, the miracle that is happening anytime anywhere you are, timeless, spaceless.

The space , the silence, the emptiness, the fullness, the essence of being


Acknowledge what happens inside yourself, acknowledge what surrounds you. Give attention to the your thoughts without giving them meaning, give attention to your feelings. Attend to what surrounds you, the presence of the threes, the flowers, the clouds, the birds, the insects anything that is living around you.

We are the nature of nature, as you might have heard, like a water drop of the ocean is the whole ocean. We separate each other but we are all one.

It is a process that takes attention, awareness, being able to hold the space and not to get caught in your emotional thinking.

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