What we are experiencing in the present moment, is the sum of all our actions and foremost of our thinking.

Self esteem, relationships, career, money, health, they all funnel to here and now and are the result of our past choices.

And so, what we experience as reality is our creation.

As human beings we have a representational system that allows us to filter reality and experience what we bring to our attention.
The representational systems are visual, auditory, kinestetic, olfactory and gustatory. We tend to favorite one representational system more than another, which is our main portal of perception of the world. Together with other filters like time, place and other variables of our personality construct and create a map from which we make sense of the world in our own way.

As stated in the book flow by Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi about personal development and growth, every second there are about 2 million bits of information around us and our nervous system can only consciously assess 134 bits.
This gives us a very limited and personal experience of reality.

Whatever is left out is part of the human model that in Neuro Linguistic Programming is called Meta model. It serves our functioning by deleting, generalizing and distorting bits of information of our environment.
As humans we are "meaning making machines" and what we give meaning to, we bring to our reality. By giving meaning to something we activate new circuits in our brain that consequently starts to bring to our awareness more of the information that we activated with our attention.

By doing so, having a limited capacity of perceiving, something else of less importance is deleted or unwired, to give space to the new or more important one.
What we bring to our attention than passes through the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which is the gatekeeper of information that helps the brain to not overload with information.
The more we give attention to something the more it appears in our life.


This give me the understanding that life and reality is a personal creation and each person has his or her own interpretation and experience of a situation. If there are more people being part of an event, each of them will have a different experience. Someone will be focusing more on the visual aspects of what is around, whilst someone else on the sounds or the feeling as corporal experience. This will create already a different experience without considering all other filters of our personality.
Reality is one for everyone as unique and different for everyone.
Understanding that we have limited "space available" in our awareness and that reality is a creation, when we learn how our conscious, subconscious and the collective consciousness interact, therefore we are able to create what we want in life.

Life coaching will help you become aware of how you filter reality and a personal life coach will help you fasten your personal development.

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Maya: The power by which the universe become manifest: the illusion of appearance of the phenomenal world
— Buddha
Reality is an Illusion
— Albert Einstein
Reality does not exists unless there is an observer
— Quantum Physics
Life coaching will faten your personal development

Life coaching will faten your personal development