teen mentoring, personal development and life coaching programs for teenagers

A change is taking place, some painful growth, as in a snake during the shedding of its skin - dull, irritable, without appetite, dragging about the stale shreds of a former life, near-blinded by the old dead scale on the new eye. It is difficult to adjust because i don’t know who is adjusting; I am not longer that old person and not yet the new.
— Peter Matthiessen

Teenagers are the future of our world, they are the upcoming leaders of our society and this time in their life is when they are shaping their way of being in the world. Now they can build the fundamentals to become fully actualized human beings, capable of managing their emotions, develop unconditional self esteem, follow their passions and make the most of the opportunities that life has to offer. Mentoring and Personal life coaching for teenagers can help with their development.

As a parent, educator or guardian, you might be reading this page as you might experience or have experienced difficulties in relating with the changing behavior of your child and maybe you feel that you haven't being able to manage your state when the situation become more challenging in communicating and relating with the teen.

Or simply you are looking for a positive figure that can help in developing your teenager's potential.

360 degrees life coaching and mentoring for teens offers positive one-on-one relationship of support, trust and guidance, resulting in a new way of being for the young adult.


Mentioning and personal development life coaching can help teens with:

  • Understand their stage of development
  • Improve their communication skills
  • Increase self awareness
  • Become more productive
  • Develop their passions
  • Feel supported
  • Learn to build meaningful relationships
  • Trust, respect and value themselves


We believe that outdoor, in nature and with movement we can be more in touch with ourselves. Our coaching and mentoring session are about creating a space for the clients to explore themselves in a relaxed, supported yet challenging way, so that they can experience a new holistic way of thinking.

Life and personal development coach Simone Franchi will meet with the client once a week or every 2 weeks by one of the iconic Sydney beaches or in a park. The session will take place in nature while walking, sitting outdoor, in a cafe or in the office depending on the client preference. The sessions will run for about 2 hours each.

In between session, the mentoring program will offer mobile phone support via text or email. Simone is always open to be in regular contact with the client for any questions, sharing of new insights or anything that the client might want or need. Professional mentoring is about being present anytime for the mentee personal growth.


I am a certified life coach, master practitioner of NLP, trained meta coach, certified practitioner of Erciksonian Hypnosis and a human devoted to personal development. My purpose is about understanding  the true nature and the essence of being and to actualize our potential. Since teenager hood I have been dedicated to my personal development.

In my late teen i met my mentor, that come to live in my small Tuscan town. Seeing him around he had something that attracted my attention. We become friends, he expended awareness in my existence about myself and introduced me to meditation and yoga, that i have been practicing since then. We were meeting regularly, talking and playing music. I would have never expected the positive impact that a person that wasn't yet, but that become, one of my lifetime friends, a guide, a mentor of my personal development would have take me where i am today.

In my mid twenties I have worked for 2 seasons as educator with groups of teenagers in summer holidays camps, where we used to look after them, taking them hiking in the Tuscan mountains, assisting in their sports, recreational activities and touring excursions.

I own 2 businesses, i am also a musician and dj.

I have developed my passions into professions in the hospitality and entertainment industries. My passion for pizza led me to bake for thousands of people in private, public and corporate events in Sydney and Australia wide and on tv; and i now also own a pizza restaurant with my brother in Paddington. I dj and played in many venues, festivals and private parties and i am a music producer. Check the videos below for some of my performances:


Pizza making lesson with the band 5 seconds of summer on Channel V. Photos copyright of Daily Mail UK